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New edge milling machine

Steel plate double-sided milling production line is a production line equipment that continuously processes the groove required for welding by high-efficiency milling on both sides of the length direction of steel plate.

Processing mode: metal cutting

Specification range of processed steel plate

Steel plate width: 1200-4500mm


Steel plate length: 6000-12000mm

Steel plate thickness: 8-40

Steel plate material: X70

Working principle of the equipment: the working process of the machine is that under the action of other equipment and the roller table of the edge milling machine, the steel plate is sent to the edge of the milling unit, and the steel plate is centered according to the symmetrical center of the milling unit through the centering mechanism. One end of the steel plate enters the upper and lower clamping roller table to clamp the steel plate, the steel plate is fixed, the steel plate is clamped by the upper and lower clamping roller table, and the roller table rotates and pulls the steel plate to run,The steel plate is transported along the length direction. In the process of steel plate transportation, the milling unit performs forming milling on the two long edges of the steel plate edge respectively.




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